Saturday, July 3, 2010

Breakin the Rules

I am not going to be writing on the weekends. But here I am - breaking all my rules, straight away.

I went upstairs at nearly midnight to do the prevention potty trip with all three kids. Helps cut down on the laundry which, when it piles up, is only slightly more irritating than the prevention potty trip. My husband does it 99% of the time so I should not complain, but why let that stop me?

I have discovered that he may be keeping a highly valued secret from me and it goes a little something like this:

I take Libby, my just-turned-three year old first. She barely wakes up as I do all the fundamental things required to place her bare bot-a-min (that is translated "bottom" for those outside our native tongue) on the toilet seat. (I cannot believe I am blogging about this, but there is a treasure.... keep reading.) She produces the product of all my toil, I redress her (still she is asleep) and put her in her crib after giving her a mommy kiss on the lips. I am leaving the room when she whispers, "Mommy. (little pause) I love you." I tell her, "I love you too baby." And close the door.

I move to my eldest daughter's room where I find her loving brother curled up at the foot of her bed. THIS is against "the rules." We never let them sleep together and before you judge me... I am a size 7 1/2... can YOU fit in those shoes? It is already, generally, quite an ordeal to get them to go to sleep in their own beds, ALONE - I just cannot think about the talking, giggling, and general shenanigans that would go on into an obscene hour of the night/morning if we allowed such commraderie. But, I let it slide.

I take her, then him, to the throne, return them to their posts and each barely knew what hit him/her. Four and half hours at the pool with no nap will do that to a kid (make a mental note... you may need that morsel of wisdom one day). I turn and look at my offspring and I can hardly believe in the deepest part of my heart that they are mine and how genuinely AWESOME they are - even in light of their completely irritating arguing, negotiating, deceptiveness, and disobedience I witness multiple times everyday. I cannot help but love them completely. I never want to be without them.

Then I understand how God can love ME in the shape I am in.

I only went through childbirth, with either a spinal or epidural, to have these three treasures... He endured unimaginable limitations, scorn, injustice, unparalleled pain, BY CHOICE to have relationship with me - even before I thought ANY of His actions would be required for such a reality to occur. Showing undeserved favor towards my kids is getting easier each day because of what I know.

I bet He loves it as much as I did when He hears me whisper to Him, "I love you" in the wee hours of the night.

My husband has been holding out on me if he gets this kind of blessing every night. I may take over more prevention potty trips...during the WEEK. I don't want to be breaking any more rules.

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  1. "Showing undeserved favor towards my kids is getting easier each day because of what I know." That's my favorite line, right there.

    Alison Jackson